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Get Consistent Facial

get consistent facial 

this is our efficient, effective, customized facial. one get consistent facial is included with your monthly membership. every facebar facial includes cleansing at our wash bar, a thorough skin analysis, exfoliation, a treatment mask, ice globe massage, oxygen treatment, moisturizer, SPF, and recommendations for your home routine. we can take care of a few extractions if needed, too! 


$99 for non members  

get more - add ons to enhance your get consistent facial


sometimes our skin needs just a little more love to help us achieve our skin goals. adding a get more service to your facial can speed up healing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance your overall glow.

-  get lux - a hydrojelly mask perfect for increasing hydration and infusing antioxidants, collagen and barrier support, and essential nutrients into the skin. we’ll choose a mask perfect for maximizing your results. with the ability to cover your lips and eyes, this treatment gives your whole face the extra attention it deserves


-  get bright - this clinically proven LED treatment is a perfect addition for anyone experiencing acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines and wrinkles (so, most of us!). we’ll add fifteen minutes of healing LED to your facial.


- get smooth - for those who need a thorough manual exfoliation, our dermaplane is a great option. get smooth allows your home routine to be more effective by removing the top layer of dry skin (and peach fuzz!), revealing fresh, hydrated skin below. this treatment is perfect for anyone - as long as you have no active acne, open sores, or bacterial or viral infections.


- get sculpted - we’ve combined Swedish massage movements with lymphatic drainage techniques for a relaxing, rejuvenating ten minute massage. add this treatment if you want to de-puff your face, soak in luxurious moisture, or just take a few extra minutes to relax.


Add ons

get even more - these are stand alone treatments that will add to your long term results.

-  get bright - start seeing visible results from our LED machine with 20 minute treatments as often as you like. kill resurfacing bacteria, boost collagen production to smooth out lines and wrinkles, fade hyperpigmentation, and reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and regulate oil and keratin production. we recommend weekly get brights for 4-6 weeks for visible results.


-  get lux and bright - combine the benefits of our hydrating jelly mask and clinical grade LED treatment for luxurious healing benefits.


- get informed - for any member or non member who is looking for extra one-on-one time to discuss at home routine, product recommendations, and a facial treatment plan.


- get consistent (again) _ for any member whose skin needs a little more tlc. our facial can be done on a weekly basis. (members only)


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